A Way To Say Goodbye
Seven Lions, Sombear
over 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
over 1 year ago
Lyrically simple, but carried by strong synthesizers and Sombear's floating vocals
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A Way To Say Goodbye was intentionally written to be sung along to, which is uncharacteristic of a lot of electronic tracks in similar genres. It's hard not to hear Sombear's voice carry the words through your head after the song ends.

An indeterminate subject of the song fears saying goodbye to a presumable loved one or friend, trying to find a "a way to say goodbye" where all they'll remember is them. The lyrics aren't the centerpiece of the song however, and only add another layer on top of the rich landscape of acoustic and electronic elements blending together. The main lead during the initial drop is a wide sound that's a little bit distracting, in a way expressing the frustration of the singer.

The most positive tones come in a little after the 2 min mark with a flurry of triplets that pick up all the heartache and make something beautiful out of it. The tone of the track and the message of goodbyes run in parallel in that there's a bittersweetness to them.

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