Everything and Nothing
about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
An emotional look on life simultaneously being both "everything" and "nothing"
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The title track from Hammock's album enjoys a much more positive tone than other music they tend to write. The lyrics are simple, but lush. They float across the track much like the satellites that they compare life to. In the lines "We're satellites, we're crashing in the ocean", a sense of the opposition in life is tasted. It's instantly met with a rebuttal: "So alive, we're satellites", implying that could it really be life without the crashing at times? Hammock called the track "a genuine celebration of life", and the reality is can be both soaring and crashing. That analogy could be extended until an eventual conclusion is drawn that life is in itself "everything and nothing".

The same lyrics repeat three times, carried by a beautiful suite of strings. A wide variety of pads and bells are drawn out with a large amount of decay and reverb that drags the whole song into something much slower and intentional than life can tend to be. It almost suggests that being "so alive" isn't a function of speed or action, but simply inherent in being.

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