March to the Sea
Twenty One Pilots
over 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
over 1 year ago
Conformity keeps humanity from sharing emotions and opening up to being vulnerable
Song Preview

March to the Sea tells a story over 5 and a half minutes of harpsichord and semi-spoken, semi-sung vocals from Tyler Joseph. The singer speaks in the first person, telling of his relentless journey forward following the crowd in a single file line ahead of him. The song is partly inspired and named after the historic event of William Sherman, general of the Union army during the United States civil war, in what is referred to as "Sherman's March to the Sea". The singer in the song seems to be crying out about a more internal battle, one in which "Heaven forbid they see you cry". He talks of sometimes glancing off, but always returning to look straight ahead as their line walks straight off the pier into the sea. What seems chillingly dark, turns quickly into a song with emotion when the singer hears a voice saying "Follow me instead".

Following the voice in his head instead, the singer is urged to fall back "This line's the only way". Hinting at a parallel between God and the adversary, each offering to lead him along. Everyone in line with him is experiencing the same internal tug-of-war, but Tyler is the only one to realize the line isn't serving him as he's taken back to start another day.

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