Matt Maeson
about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
A song about self doubt and questioning, and how hard it can be to find comfort with it
Song Preview

Matt Maeson's voice strains throughout Tribulation as he sings about a slew of questions he has about himself. Finding himself in a good place, he starts to question why good things are happening to him. The sings a common refrain throughout the song:

I don't ever think I can
Ever learn how to love just right

The signal that he's unsure of his ability to give the proper attention and care he feels like his partner deserves is clear. He's scared he'll never be able to offer what they deserve, "run away from me", "can't you see? I'm a broken man with addictive tendencies".

During the bridge he goes back forth between his feelings for his "darling", stating how "obsessed" he his, and countering each point with a lack of confidence in himself: "I think I'm better on my own". His feelings that pull in both directions actually seem organic. The way Matt Maeson's vocals strain and cry make you want to feel like he does. His frustration with himself is obvious, and you want to hear a victory but it keeps coming up short. Not being able to understand love is a feeding the feelings of inadequacy, and as Matt himself states: "no one understands love."

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