You (feat. Skybourne)
Built By Titan
about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
Soaring vocals about the majesty of the present
Song Preview

Built By Titan has a knack for heavily emotional vocals that are underscored by equally powerful synthesizers. In You, it extends even further with lush harmonies and pads that link the bridge to the pulse-pounding choruses. The first line of the song: "I never knew that life could break us" introduces the obstacles that don't sound too harsh in light of the optimism of the song . Religious undertones begin to seep through with other parallel phrases: "Never thought I would lose my faith", and the unnamed recipient of the message is they who restores the broken pieces that seemed like they'd never break.

The final line "It's always been you" ties the song together, that through every moment of the past there's been a constant and now they're ready to recognize that in the present.

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Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain
George Frideric Handel

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