2 Rocking Chairs
Jon Bellion
about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
An overt love song about commitment and growing old together
Song Preview

To immortalize his feelings, the singer of 2 Rocking Chairs made something that both he and his wife can use, rocking chairs. The lyrics of the song tell of the chairs he made to provide a place where the two can continue to be together and share life, even when they "can't walk no more". Jon Bellion in making the song referred to it as "the ultimate way of being corny and saying grow old with me…without being corny and being like cryptic and cool about it".

He expresses like many other songs and serenades how love transcends physical measures of time: "leaves fall, rain dries, snow melts, fame dies", but even age won't weaken his resolve. His two chairs are committing him to something that can last longer than himself and even still he'll call her "young girl". The singer is dedicated to a simple ask of she who he loves in four words, an ask that should be inherent in relationships: "grow old with me".

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