Hey friends, readers, and followers,

To start, thanks for following along. Whether this is your first time on the site or you've been reading since Day 1, I appreciate you checking in.

To answer the question of why the name? ...

I started this site as a way to share really amazing tracks that had an additional story or reason to listen to them. A lot of songs tell really beautiful stories through lyrics like Twenty One Pilots, or through ridiculously well produced synthesizers like Porter Robinson.

I think there's a disconnect in the music world from listeners in the hip hop, electronic, or even ambient or folk scenes in understanding why music across other styles is so special. Hip hop could focus on lyrics and flow where a dance track might be made by one snare, it's hard to see why unless it's really spelled out though. That's why I think showcasing the best tracks from across genres that actually mean something can go a long way in helping bridge gaps between listening styles from everyone out there.

Happy listening and thanks for checking in,

- Kyle

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