Coming Back to You
Lane 8
about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
A soft, dreamy track about stubbornness and neglecting moving on
Song Preview

Lane 8 has a skill for creating something interesting out of repetition. Progressive House commonly carries a similar pattern throughout whole portions of a track, and Coming Back to You is no different in that regard, but Lane 8 understands something about introducing the right elements at the right time to keep it feeling new and fresh. The elements that dance through the track around the beat are surprisingly complex for how simple the melody seems at first.

The lyrical refrain "You keep me coming back to you" echoes again and again throughout the whole song, slowly dying out, and then reintroducing itself. The way it falls out and finds a way to resurface again is almost the story fo the singer who can't help but return again to someone who doesn't seem to "even recognize" them. Unwilling to give up and knowing that it's a mistake, the singer states "My friends all say I’m unwise", but continues regardless. As the song ends, it seems like the fight to win over they who the singer is pursuing continues as the words echo off alongside the lead synth, prompting the question: does the fight merit the effort?

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