Fly While You're Still Free
Mat Zo
about 1 month ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 month ago
A field guide in trance music that builds energy and emotion more than lyrics sometimes can.
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The best trance music sounds terrible when you try to play it on the piano. Such would be the case with Fly While You're Still Free. The reason for this being that trance isn't always about moving around a scale to find the naturally resolving chord progressions. Rather than creating appealing sound through mathematically balanced scales, Trance takes time to modulate the sounds of the synthesizers around one or two notes and finding the mathematically balanced nuances in a few single notes. 

As a result, this makes trance music great for running or other mentally strenuous activities. At the climax of Fly While You're Still Free the same note is pounded over and over, but it gains by what is built around it and how percussively it is performed.

You can hear a repetitive flurry of notes before each drop, which is often prefaced by a drum fill and some white noise building up. This creates a very dynamic release when all the elements drop out and there are only a handful of redundant notes driving the melody. The vocal chops dance around while the synth cutoff (or sharpness of the sound) modulates around it. Everything stays balanced while the only thing not moving—somewhat ironically—is the notes being played.

Fly While You're Still Free makes you feel powerful, it instills a confidence that is unique with every listen because it melds to any context, its lack of abundant vocals actually playing as a strength. It's the sort of production that makes you bob your head at the least, and run a 6 minute mile at its best.

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