Hand of God - Outro
Jon Bellion
26 days ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
26 days ago
A song that ties together an entire album into one anthem about God being there the whole time.
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You wouldn't be able to tell just how masterful Hand of God is listening to it by itself, you need the whole album for context. The song begins admitting falling into vices: "I've been sipping lately", "I've been tripping lately". The chorus follows it up strong:

I am just a man, I am just a man who lusts, gives, tries
Sometimes, I lose my way

When he begins singing about a reliance on a higher power there's an obvious precedent why: he's trying and failing. In a follow up line Jon Bellion states he's "angry at all the things [he] can't change". It's then that mood changes:

My mother says, "Your whole life's in the hand of God"

At this point, it's not clear whether or not Jon really feels that way though. In the next verse Jon is singing about failed relationships and meeting up with an old ex girlfriend even though he know things won't work out long term.

Halfway through the song and things seem quite bleak. However, at this midpoint the whole mood of the song shifts. The same orchestral brass and strings that have powered the chorus quiet down and start to build a new momentum as Sheldon Ray & The Andre Crouch Choir—a gospel choir that recorded with Michael Jackson—start singing.

As the choir sings the word of Jon's mother: "Your whole life's in the hand of God", another lyric is sung in the background. It's a familiar lyric that was first introduced in the very first track on the album. "Nothing has changed, he is the same". While listening to track 1, the antecedent to the word "he" is referring to Jon. It talks about a young Jon Bellion stuck in life, not making progress. A familiar tone to the first half of Hand of God.

However, as the gospel choir sings "Nothing has changed, he is the same", a startling revelation leads the listener to understand that really it is God who has remained the same, nothing has changed.

Fully internalizing Jon's mother's words (who he cares about deeply), the song builds and builds, bringing in lyrics from other songs throughout the album. The album titled the Human Condition, has had one central theme the entire time: an unchanging God has had His hand in Jon's life the entire time, through thick and thin.

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