about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
Indiscernible vocals and strong layered drums combine into a sound that captures ODESZA's sound
Song Preview

The sounds that ODESZA weave together has always included powerful drums and chopped up vocals, but Meridian seems to make them an even bigger focal point. Claps, snaps, and percussion with echoing vocals introduce the song. The line between synthesizers and vocals is blurred because of how distorted both are. Vocals fade away into long delays with wet reverb leading up to a chant that pans back and forth as the chorus marches left and right. The way the vocals bounce around makes it hard not to sway and move to. So much of ODESZA's signature style is combining the right amount of shimmering leads with broad pans and chopped recordings, a perfect example is at 2:30. The build up reintroduces the drop even stronger with a very ODESZA like break beat before it actually comes in.

Meridian uses vocals, but doesn't need lyrics to pack a charged level of emotion. They play a supporting role with the percussion and synth leads that let you appreciate all pieces of the sonic landscape.

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