State Lines
Novo Amor
12 months ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
12 months ago
A soft, dramatic song about bordering on uncertainty
Song Preview

The common refrain in State Lines is "I don't know". The whole chorus is nothing more than questions followed up by statements of not knowing. Ali Lacey's voice borders on the edge of falsetto at times, reminiscent of Bon Iver and seeming to borrow elements from Sigur Ros' ambient style. Somehow, like Bon Iver's Holocene, State Lines finds a way to slowly build up to a dramatic climax. The drums are simple but help introduce a flurry of strings at the end where the final lines are sung:

I've been awake in every state line
Dyin' to make it last us a lifetime
Tryin' to shake that it's all on an incline
Find me a way, I'll be yours in a landslide

The questions in the chorus "Did you call? Did we ever really talk?" make it seem as though there is a love interest being addressed. It seems as though the singer is invested in love, but the feelings aren't clearly reciprocated.

Being near a state line, between two definite locations, reflects uncertainty. Where are you really? And where will you be?

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