Get Your Wish
Porter Robinson
about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
The outcome of Porter's raw, emotional journey to making music simply because he loves the connection
Song Preview

With his first single in 4 years under the project that features his actual name, Porter Robinson's energy is still present. He said of the track: "Get Your Wish is about finding a reason to keep moving forward", at times he explained in a post on Twitter "It was almost three years of trying to write music, failing, and being crushed by it every day." At a young age, Porter grew to a prodigious status among the EDM community with his first EP Spitfire crashing Beatport's servers. The lyrics of Get Your Wish express an emptiness in the elevated attention though: "if glory makes you happy, why are you so broken up?" Another series of questions opens each chorus leading into an image of floating and sinking—paradoxically visualizing how achieving so much has also caused a sinking effect.

So tell me how it felt when you walked on water?
Did you get your wish?
Floating to the surface
Quicker than you sank
Idol, idol

Audio effects raise Porter's own voice into a higher registry as the words "idol, idol" are sung. He recorded the vocals himself and distorted them to distance himself from the sensitive topics he was singing about and decided they were exactly what the song needed, him and no one else. Porter Robinson has a way of connecting to music, by keeping Get Your Wish close to himself, it's more capable of connecting with listeners, which was an ultimate goal of the track. One of his standout singles—Languagehad a way of connecting with listeners on a newer level. It shifted a the landscape of dance music to one less focused on the aggressive wobbles of dubstep growls, or pounding 4 on the floor of house, to one about the power of meaningful stories and emotions.

The lyrics remain uplifting and encouraging throughout the whole track: "don’t say you lose just yet, get up and move ahead", Porter had to push himself to keep producing music even when he had no real aim at the end of it all "but don’t you waste the suffering you’ve faced" because it's "your role", "the work that stirred your soul, you can make for someone else".

The instruments and synthesizers used are very reminiscent of Porter's Worlds album. The chorus comes in with a strong bass line that drives the chorus much like the bassline from Shelter. It shares many commonalities with the style that has come to define his sound. Processed vocals chopped just right, wide bass lines with strong, but not overwhelming drops.

Ultimately, the message of Get Your Wish is recognizing that selfish aspirations are wholly unfulfilling, but achieving "for someone else" will have you "floating to the surface quicker than you sank".

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