With You, Friends (Long Drive)
8 months ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
8 months ago
Skrillex playing in other genres results in an emotional piano ballad from his Grammy winning album
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Drawing boundaries around the genres that artists produce in is a quick way to miss a masterpiece. Such is the case with Skrillex's With You, Friends (Long Drive). Skrillex is known for strong, aggressive dubstep like Bangarang, but he is a much more talented musician than he's sometimes credited for, and many of the tracks he produced even in his early days were rich with emotion. With You, Friends almost flies under the radar next to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (which earned him a Grammy for best Dance/Electronic album).

The song is introduced with vocal chops and effects similar to what you hear throughout the rest of the album, but layered on top of piano and eventually some heavily side chained bass which makes it pulse. By taking some of the same elements that Skrillex knows well (like sidechain, which is a staple of EDM) and introducing them into the track he creates something that sounds like more of a hybrid piano/electronic ballad. It creates something completely unique that you will still find passionate redditors evangelizing.

When you mention Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites to a Skrillex fan, you'll likely hear them suggest this song as a classic, and for good reason.

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