Street Lights
Tyzo Bloom
7 months ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
7 months ago
A criminally underplayed, emotional track about loss and how to process it.
Song Preview

Tyzo Bloom's Street Lights begins with the sound of car tones beeping and keys turning, leading right into the soft arpeggiated pulse that is carried throughout almost the whole track. The implications of jumping into a car imply a departure or journey of some kind.

The singer (performed by MOONZz), talks of "your face", followed up by "there's so much that I miss, and days like this just make it harder". It doesn't take long to realize the story unfolding is ripe with distance and longing. The chorus gets introduced by a cascade of new synthesizers and a warm bass line. All work together to make a much more anthemic sound. The lyrics of the chorus tell a different story:

I can drive all night
Underneath the street lights
I'm alright. 
It's been awhile but 
Some days I'm up all night, 
Thinking about all the times 
When you were still here, 
When you were still here.

The night drive might not be a journey as much as a coping mechanism. Whoever the singer misses apparently didn't leave on the singer's accord. "When you left, the seasons change it doesn't feel like home", even though life moves on, the singer cannot. The way the plucks continue to arpeggiate, and almost vibrate, reflect the constant motion of life that is inevitable.

Although it's tone is saddening, Street Lights captures something powerful in an oddly cathartic action of a simple drive in the night: coping with loss, whether it's from death, breakup, or falling out.

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