about 1 year ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
about 1 year ago
A song full to the brim with emotion asking why it's so hard watching those close to us succeed
Song Preview

Puppet delivers a strong vocal performance to what is a very dramatic song. His music tends to feature shouting vocals which falls right in line with his self posted 4 word Spotify bio: "less mixing more shouting". Puppet also tends not to dance around strong emotions he's feeling and instead faces them right upfront. Cargo starts right off with a bitter statement "Glad you’re well but there's things I don’t wanna know'. A friend or relative sharing achievement and success can be particularly draining for someone who may outwardly not be seeing similar successes. Puppet sings his frustrations in couplets addressing the questions that are returned:

You’re asking why
Why I'm crying, always trying just to be on my own
You’re asking why
Why I see myself in all the distant places you go
You’re asking why
We live, we die, we fight with pride
You’re asking why
Why I’m nearly letting envy get between you and I

The frustration and pain is obvious, seeing himself in a friend's shoes but not being there yet himself. The will to bear the frustration is also evident however, as he follows up with a line "Real fighters don’t give up". After a quiet and contemplating bridge the tenacity comes out as Puppet shouts the chorus a final time. The question "you're asking why" ends the song, putting a stamp on the idea that judging success by perception of achievement alone is never enough, and so much of feeling well is rooted in something emotional and/or psychological.

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