5 months ago | by: Kyle Gill
by: Kyle Gill
5 months ago
Short for "laying my heart out", lmho is about frustration
Song Preview

The newest single from flor is actually an older track, that is the product of years of refinement while the group has refined their sound improved their production quality. The chorus gives the most obvious hint at the meaning of the song:

I can’t see the end
Every time I take a step ahead
I’m as lost as I
Was when I began

Every step ahead feels fleeting when the singer is "as lost as [they were] when [they] began". The lines following the chorus only share a deepened feeling of frustration. "Ain’t it enough that I'm laying my heart out?", it's there where the song's title makes sense, lmho being short for "laying my heart out".

The song's melody even reflects the same venting feeling of frustration with how it continues to return back to the same notes as phrases resolve. It's a song that makes a life that feels like a broken record a little more upbeat.

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The Sound of Silence
San Holo

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